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Effects of the brain endogenous inhibitory factor on bone marrow cells

Author: Ekaterine Bakuradze
Co-authors: E. Bakuradze, G. Mosidze, I.Modebadze, A.Kordzadze, D.Dzidziguri
Keywords: bone marrow, protein complex

3D/4D Dynamic of UBTF1 and UBTF2 during Nucleolar Inactivation at the Structural and the Ultrastructural Level

Author: Pavle Tchelidze
Co-authors: L. Rusishvili, D. Ploton

Infrared spectral imaging and perspectives in cancer diagnostics

Author: Mariami Mikadze
Co-authors: M. Mikadze, G. Ghibradze, D, Sebiskveradze, Z. Vadachkoria, D, Dzidziguri, O. piot
supervisor: D. Dzidziguri
Keywords: FTIR, Hemangioma

Study of regulation and spatial organization of spermatogenesis in adolescent rat

Author: Irina Modebadze
Co-authors: D. Dzidziguri, M. Mikava, Al. Kordzadze, N. Chaduneli, N. Papunashvili
Keywords: spermatogenesis, protein complex.

Major breakthrough in Life Sciences of XXI century

Author: Luka Sanikidze
Keywords: CRISPR-Cas; Gene editing; Non-coding RNAs

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